Mental Health Resources

Helpful Websites

Family Smart PIR (Parent in Residence) *formerly the FORCE

Support, advocacy and information for families who are dealing with mental health issues, specifically with their children.

Child, Youth and Family Mental Health Resources

This website is for use by children, youth and families living in the Island Health region and lists links related to mental health and substance use.


This website has information about depressionanxietystressdrug and alcohol use, body image and eating, resources.

A Teenager’s Guide to Depression

This website provides you with information about signs and symptoms of depressionsuicidal ideation, and how to cope.

Teen Mental Health

This website highlights different kinds of mental health issues. In addition it provides information and coping strategies for brain injury, suicide, the teen brain, healthy sleep, self-injury and self-harm.

TILT Parenting: For Parents Raising Differently Wired Kids

Eating Disorders

What you need to know about helping youth with Eating Disorders

This document includes information about Eating Disorders such as causes, types, signs and symptoms, treatment options and how to help your child.

Eating Disorders Program – South Vancouver Island (Website)

Prevention of Eating Disorders & Health Promotion English )

Contributing Factors and Prevention English )

Tips for Kids on Eating Well and Feeling Good about Yourself English )

Providing Support for those with Eating Disorders

Gaming Addiction/Screen Time

Tech Talks– A power point to help guardians speak with their children about gaming and screen time as well as develop an understanding of how it can affect their child.

Counselling Resources

Vancouver Island Crisis Line                                                           1-800-494-3888

Kids Help Phone  (bilingual, 24/7, phone counselling)          1-800-668-6868

Crisis Text Service       (6pm-10pm)                                                   250-800-3806

KUU-US First Nation specific 24/7 crisis line for youth              250-723-2040

Suicide Line                                                                                             1-800-784-2433

Youth in BC (Connects youth with support, information)      1-866-661-3311

BC Association of Clinical Counsellors                                                 250-595-4448

Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association            1-877-765-5565

Registered Marriage & Family Therapist                                       1-604-687-6131

BC Psychological Association                                                          1-800-730-0522               

Family Services of Greater Victoria                                              250-386-4331
Group Programs, Counselling Services, Parenting after separation, Legal Information Services, and Mediation.