Counsellor Information

43828368_288739168408058_544649853687300096_nHi there!

My name is Mary Klovance and I am the part-time counsellor here at Monterey Middle School.

I have been working as a High School counsellor in the district since 2012 and have just recently began my work in Middle School. Previously, I worked as a Crisis Intervention Counsellor for the Youth Empowerment society at both their Youth Detox and Youth Shelter where I spent more than six years working with youth at risk. In 2015 I completed my practicum at Discovery Youth and Family Services and began working as a full time counsellor at Oak Bay Middle School in 2016.

On Mondays I work at Spectrum Community School as a Counsellor and spend the rest of my week at Monterey as a Counsellor and Mash Up (Exploratory) teacher. In Mash Up students learn different life skills like stress management, managing relationships, conflict resolution, healthy relationships etc.

I am passionate about helping people make informed choices in order to be successful, whatever that success looks like for them. I invest in the person, not the outcome. I believe mental health should be looked at through a holistic lens.